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Untold Stories in A/R

Resurrecting ghosts at Confederate Monuments to tell a more robust story of our Southern Heritage.

Hidden In Plain Sight is a digital portal that brings history to life, using augmented reality to overlay stories of real people, in real time, at sites of Confederate monuments across the South.

Confederate monuments are being noticed, questioned, and toppled. But focusing on the statues alone keeps an essential story hidden: the account of an enslaved and violently subjugated population.

Within Hidden In Plain Sight, you’ll meet people and explore Southern landmarks.


Lunsford Lane

a formerly enslaved entrepreneur from North Carolina who bought freedom for himself and his family by creating and selling pipe tobacco. Learn more...


Harriet Jacobs

A brave woman who was able to escape from slavery to become an abolitionist and publish her autobiography. Learn more...


The Location

These proof-of-concept stories are designed to be accessed at two of the monuments on the grounds of the North Carolina State Capital in Raleigh. Learn more...

We want to illuminate this larger narrative by highlighting and staying true to the stories of real people – using both their own words as well as dramatized reactions to the monuments that ignore their existence. By educating and entertaining, we can inspire people to understand more of America’s history and how its impacts are still being felt today.

Get involved

We’re seeking collaborators to help us expand these initial efforts:

  • A Director/Creative Director to fill this world with characters and stories
  • Tech partners to bring these characters to life with augmented reality
  • Funding to cover the time, technology and production costs

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